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Manage your Stock Compensation - Build Long-term Financial Independence

Employee Share Purchase Plans, Matching Programs, Restricted Stock Units, Loans to Purchase Stock and Stock Options

A very small percentage of stocks account for all of the net wealth earned by investors in the stock market.  It's important to understand tax implications of your stock compensation plan and have a sound diversified reinvestment strategy. 

We create a strategic divestment road map custom tailored around the intricacies of your stock compensation arrangement and personal situation, and develop an investment strategy to help solidify your long-term financial independence.

  • Manage volatility during liquidation

  • Eliminate currency conversion fees for US dollar stock plans

  • Avoid unexpected tax bills

  • Generate greater tax savings

  • Ensure effective tax deferral

  • Understand deductions

  • Understand differences in tax treatment for all parts of your stock compensation

  • Grow your wealth through a diversified investment strategy and reduce concentration risk

  • Create an enduring future tax efficient income stream

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