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Living longer, Trade wars, Personal tax and Why Kawhi Leonard should stay!

Quarterly Commentary – July 4, 2019 – Brendan Greenwood CIM, B.Comm

Living longer and what that means for your money

Good news! We’re living longer. And equity exposure is becoming more important in accumulating sufficient wealth to maintain our lifestyles. But having greater equity exposure in our portfolio means we have to find creative ways to manage that increased risk!

Trade wars and where we stand today

In global news, trade talks between the world’s two biggest economies continue, but don’t appear to be moving in one direction or the other. It will take time for the impact of this trade war to be felt. The markets have continued to rally, as the feds have signalled, they may cut interest rates at the end of July.

Personal Tax - The Big Four!

Are you taking advantage of all tax deductions available to you? Here are the big four to keep in mind:

- RRSP deduction

- Split-pension deduction

- Child-care expenses

- Employment expenses

Tax and risk of injury (disability) may impact superstar Kawhai Leonard’s choice on whether to stay in Toronto

Kawhai is back in Canuck land and possibly negotiating a new deal with the Toronto Raptors. Tim Cestnick has 11 million reasons for Kawahi Leonard to stay! Taxes and managing risk of injury matter!

To sum it up: Over the next four years, you could take home as much as US$80.6-million playing for the Raptors and structuring your signing bonus and tax residency properly, while you’d take home US$69.6-million playing in Los Angeles facing taxes as a California resident. That’s an US$11-million potential benefit for playing in Toronto.

Source: The Globe and Mail

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